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The Expanse
4.8 из 5 / 4 голосов
  • Кинопоиск: 0
  • IMDb: 0
  • Возраст: 16+

  • Добавлена: Все серии
  • Страна: США, Канада
  • Год: 2018
  • Слоган: «We've gone too far»
  • Доступен на: iOS, IPad, IPhone, Android и Windows Phone
  • Жанр: Фантастика, Детектив, Сериалы 2018, Драма, Триллер
  • Сезон: 3 сезон
  • Время: 60 мин.
  • Премьера: 12 апреля 2018
  • Перевод: Alexfilm / BaibaKo
  • Режиссёры: Джефф Вулнаф, Терри МакДонаф, Роберт Либерман
  • Актеры: Стивен Стрейт, Кэс Анвар, Доминик Типпер, Уэс Чэтэм, Флоренс Ванида Фэйвр, Шоре Агдашлу, Шон Дойл, Томас Джейн, Чад Л. Коулмэн, Фрэнки Адамс

Earthlings have reached the highest heyday in the field of technology and have rushed to conquer the vastnesses of the universe. People are forgetful, in their memory, those mournful events connected with colonial politics on their planet faded. Involving events always entail military conflicts. Many seekers of easy profit, adventurers of all colors rushed into the new immense galactic distances. An influential world organization tries by all possible means to introduce the resettlement of people into a civilized channel. A distant red planet, with many of its satellites, has become a new home for people.

The potential of the planet is great, the wealth of resources has become the cause of conflict between rival factions. Soon in one of the groups a young researcher disappears without a trace, and Detective Miller was appointed to look for the girl. Assistant agent appointed Holden, an experienced, professional, space scout. The relationship between them was tense, but this task was important and they will have to find common ground in order to complete the search. The missing girl was the daughter of an oligarch. Meanwhile, the leadership on earth is trying to understand the tragic death of several ships. The perpetrators of the tragedy must be identified, punished and may become the root cause of the beginning of the interplanetary war.

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